Wholesale Application

At Maya Jewelry, we are deeply honored to partner with the finest piercing and tattoo studios worldwide.

Since our inception, we have developed strong relationships with the artists and vendors who share our passion for jewelry and commitment to community. Today, our wholesale partners are a critical component of our company mission, forging a bridge to our customers and empowering people everywhere to express their own beauty. For this we thank you for partnering with us.

As a piercer-owned small business, we are mindful not to compete with studios like yours when it comes to our retail markup.

Membership in our wholesale program is highly selective and based upon these important criteria:

  • Representation of the Maya Jewelry brand thoughtfully maintains our aesthetic and ethos 
  • Revere the art of body piercing and the tradition of quality jewelry design
  • Provide outstanding in-store display presentation
  • Partner with other brands which align artistically, socially, and professionally with Maya Jewelry


Start your application by submitting the form below:

Upon receipt of all documentation, we will inform you of your final account approval status, and if approved, you will then be granted access to full wholesale pricing.


You will also receive a detailed information package outlining all of our Resale opportunities.

How long does approval take?

Once all information is submitted, please allow 1 - 3 business days for us to review your application. We will contact you if we need any more details.

For questions please email: smws@mayajewelry.com

Wayfair compliance and sales tax:

The 2018 Wayfair decision in the U.S. Supreme Court established new rules for how state businesses remotely collect and remit sales tax.

We can mark your account as exempt from sales tax on our site, provided your documentation (Business License and Resale Certificate) meets legal requirements. Otherwise, we are required to collect tax.

Thank you so much for your interest in our Wholesale program. We look forward to forging new and exciting partnerships with you. Let’s rise together.

All our Love and Respect,

-- Maya Jewelry